About Us

Aloha, my name is Aileen, the owner of Aloha Leis Hawaii, also known as Aloha Leis.  My family and I have been providing customers with fresh, authentic Hawaiian leis in the USA for over 25 years.

How are we different from the many other lei makers?  My family is from four generations of native-Hawaiian lei makers and are one of the few lei stringers still able to help customers choose the appropriate lei based on cultural significance.  For example, did you know maile ti leaf is historically used for weddings?

Pictured above is our family’s lei stand at the Honolulu Airport.  Grandma Dora is often considered the oldest living “Master of the Leis” and has been often featured in local media.  In 2011, she retired at the age of 90 after seventy-five years of stringing leis for visitors to the island and the Hawaiian community.