Lei Gallery

Here is a small sample of leis that are usually available.  Clicking on the image will give you a larger and more detailed view.  You may find it easier to identify the lei by using the order code listed before the lei name.

Please, do not worry about having to select the “right” flower.  We will help you!  We can can recommend which flowers will best suit your needs from a cultural significance, aesthetics, and durability perspective.  Feel free to also inquire about other varieties, custom made leis, floral arrangements, or general consultation.

TO ORDER:  For pricing, availability and general consultation, please call us at (510) 914-6743 or (510) 367-8120.  Due to seasonal and/or supply factors, some flowers and leis may not be available at certain times of the year and are subject to availability.  Calling will help ensure the “correct” lei is discussed and chosen given during peak season, we receive approximately 1,900 views of our website per month!  Sorry, we are unable to respond to messages posted on this website.


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